This is simply the most important annual event for wireless communications on passenger rail. Meet your peers, share ideas, learn best practices. Unmissable!

Jim Baker, CEO, Xentrans Inc

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About the Conference

Train Communications Systems Conference - Now Available Online and Fully Interactive

This year’s Train Communications Systems Conference (27th and 28th October 2020) will be virtual. The entire proceedings will be broadcast online and fully interactive – utilising proven technology to provide as near an in-person experience as possible.

Speakers, panelists and attendees from around the world will be able to meet each other, question the presenters and exchange ideas via individual video chats as well as in group sessions.

Don’t miss this annual, global, get-together that focuses directly on the problems of putting WiFi onto trains.

You will hear frank accounts from the train operating companies currently involved in this battle - from those trialling new trackside solutions, squeezing better connections from mobile systems, as well as those launching new innovative broadband wireless services on-board their trains as they struggle to cut costs, beat the competition and enhance the passenger experience.
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There is no doubt that broadband wireless services have become a vital weapon for train operators, but keeping up with this fast-moving sector is a problem. TCS 2020 is the best place to keep abreast of the latest developments in this niche, but fast-growing sector.

This Conference has become a vital meeting point for train companies, rail administrators, suppliers and technology specialists all looking to drive this sector forward. Can you afford to miss out?

Join the debate, whether online or in person, and question the train companies that have launched services and find out where they will take them next.

Almost every train operator from around the world that has launched a WiFi on-Trains service will be present. This is your chance to meet the people who are shaping this market, who are driving it forward and bringing in new services, ideas and technologies.

Please be advised that places are extremely limited and are selling out fast. To reserve your place now - please use the online order form or contact Ross.Parsons@BWCS.com

Held in London and online on the 27th October and 28th October 2020, the Conference attracts train operators and suppliers from all over the world. Those participating will hear directly from train companies that are launching services, adding new cost-cutting solutions and driving up passenger numbers by adding integrated broadband solutions.

BWCS has worked with all the major players in this new market to make Train Communications Systems 2020 a success. Over two days, a combination of interactive workshops, panel sessions, presentations and networking sessions will explore the commercial and technical issues arising from the deployment of these services around the region.

s ever, the Conference will provide a great networking opportunity and a very limited number of sponsorship positions are still available. For further information on getting involved please contact: Ross.Parsons@BWCS.com

Conference Sponsors

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Conference feedback

"This is simply the most important annual event for wireless communications on passenger rail. Meet your peers, share ideas, learn best practices. Unmissable!"

Jim Baker, CEO, Xentrans Inc.

"The WiFi on Trains Conference was an excellent opportunity to hear the trials and tribulations many rail companies have found in trying to improve mobile communications for passengers, and to learn the lessons from these experiences. I also found the speed-dating session valuable in building my network of contacts across the industry."

Gavin James, Project Sponsor, Digital Railways, UK Department for Transport

“It’s amazing how the BWCS team manages to gather a large number of representatives from industry, operators and government institutions which are highly specialized in communications and WiFi services. It was a great opportunity to meet the right people and make fruitful connections. I highly recommend it”.

Javier Santos, International Business Director, Inster

"Putting WiFi on trains is hard enough but thankfully the annual BWCS Train Communications is there as the world's clearing-house for this very issue. It is a 'must do' for any manager or train operator working in this space."

Jim Allison, Manager of Planning, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

"Traincomms is the key forum for an annual pulse check on the fast moving developments in the connected train sector."

Peter Kingsland, Sales Director, Icomera UK

"The Train Communications Systems Conferences put together by BWCS have become the de facto standard for transit authorities to learn about the current state of communications to moving trains and which vendors have solutions to meet their needs - whether consumer, operational, or security related... There is no better place to learn and understand where the industry is and where it is going to be in the future."

Cooper Lee, WiFiRail, USA

"I have attended a number of events organised by BWCS. What impressed me was the availability of a very highly skilled team of industry experts with them. The team's wide range of experience and profound wireless industry knowledge have been instrumental in helping us in framing specifications for providing Wireless broadband services on our trains, an essential social ingredient of life in India. The events organized by them have been of high technical standard, focus is always on services & products and not on companies, allowing us to choose the best option."

Anshul Gupta, Executive Director, RailTel, Ministry of Railways, India

"BWCS WiFi on Trains Conferences were very interesting and very useful indeed. The event gathered many customers and suppliers from around the world. I was impressed by the quality of the presentations allowing fruitful exchanges on the future of wireless service and your excellent organisation. I highly recommend joining these conferences."

Petr Kolar, Systems Specialist, Czech Railways

"The essential meeting place for all the players for Internet & Multimedia on train solutions."

Jean-Francois de Lantsheere, Deputy Managing Director, 21Net

"Train Communications is one must-attend event on my schedule of rail conferences in Europe. I look forward to this annual event, which provides me with a wealth of information about developments in technologies, the latest innovations, and new services. In addition, I always come away having gained insight into where the market is heading and what's coming next. The presentations are fresh; the speakers inspired; discussions spontaneous. The organisation by Graham, Ross, and the rest of the BWCS team, is top rate too. What's not to like?"

Lesley Brown, journalist, EURAILmag

Conference Programme

Day 1 October 27th

Session One – The Coming of Trackside Networks and 5G Expansion – How Much Will it Really Help WiFi on Trains

8.00 Networking – meet fellow attendees, speakers and panellists via individual video chats

9.25 Opening Speech – Will 5G be just Another False Dawn for WiFi on Trains or Will it Change the Game Entirely?

Graham Wilde, CEO BWCS

09.30 Recent Advances and What the Future Will Hold for the Trackside Wireless Communications Along the UK Rail Network

Nina Gaubert and Gaby King, UK Department for Transport, DfT/UK Government

10.00 A Year on for Rail-5G and What did we Achieve?
  • Moving from performance validation to operational deployment
  • Greater coverage
  • Greater data throughput
  • Greater reliability
  • New set of pinch-points!
Simon Holmes, Group Head of Digital Engineering, First Group, Mark Barrett, CEO Blu Wireless

10.30-10.45 Networking

10.45 Train Communications Evolution - A US Perspective
  • Addressing the Cellular Crunch
  • Legislation for Spectrum and Capacity
  • The Hybrid Network Approach
  • Looking to 2021 and Beyond
Jim Baker, CEO, Xentrans

11.15 The Strategic Deployment of 5G Connectivity Along European Rail Networks
  • Position of CER/EIM and Status of Plans in individual countries
Jos Nooijen, ProRail and Chair of the Telecommunication Group of the European Rail Infrastructure Managers

11.45 Can Cellular Connectivity Continue to Meet the Growing Demands of Train to Ground Applications?
  • New issues faced by customers
  • Can “merely” cellular provide the answers to what customers really want?
Jeremy Haskey, Chief Architect, Nomad Digital

12.15 Panel Session: Can the Rail Industry Ever Justify the Scale of Investment Needed to Guarantee the Level of WiFi Connectivity that Passengers Demand – Should it Even Try?

Featuring: Nina Gaubert, DfT, Jeremy Haskey (Nomad Digital), Jos Nooijen, ProRail and Chair of the Telecommunication Group of the European Rail Infrastructure Owners, Simon Holmes, Group Head of Digital Engineering, First Group

Chaired by Graham Wilde, BWCS

12.45 Networking

Session 2: Pushing Connectivity Along the Tracks and Developing New Services

2.00 Improving Mobile Network Coverage – and WiFi Along Norwegian Railways

Geir Hansen, Chief Engineer Railway Infrastructure Technology, Norwegian Railway Directorate

2.30 The WiFi on Trains Service Model: Going Beyond the Theory and Into Practice Communicating expectations
  • Budgeting implicationse
  • Preparing for technology and service upgrades over time
Jim Allison, Manager of Planning Capitol Corridors Joint Powers Authority

3.00 Speed Networking – Online for the first Time

3.30 Implementing a rolling stock cyber security programme. A case study how Northern installed a cyber security solution on all their 360 new and legacy trains in the UK

Alex Cowan, RazorSecure

4.00 Capturing the Mindset, Heartset and Soulset of the Rail Passenger - Boosting the Bottom-line for Sustainable Monetization

  • How to Generate Passenger income on the World’s largest rail network

Ashutosh Vasant, CMD and Director (POM), RailTel Corporation of India Ltd, part of the Indian Ministry of Railways

4.30 Panel Session – What is the Future for WiFi on Trains?

Featuring: Ashutosh Vasant, RailTel/Indian Railways, Geir Hansen, Norwegian Railway Directorate, Berno Friedl, Inter-City Express Trains, Deutsche Bahn, Jim Baker, CEO Xentrans

Chaired by Graham Wilde, BWCS

5.00 End of First Day

Day 2 October 28th

Session Three: Adding Services and Generating Revenues as Train-to-Shore Connectivity Improves

8.00 Networking – meet fellow attendees, speakers and panellists via individual video chats

09.15 BWCS Welcome

09.30 Going Beyond Passenger Wi-Fi: Improving the Experience, Efficiency, and Safety of Rail Transport through Better Connectivity

Peter Kingsland and Anthony Spadaro, Icomera

10.00 From Passenger WiFi to the Digital Train -Tales from Moscow, St Petersburg and Delhi Metros A story of product/service evolution on high capacity wireless networks delivering:

  • Enhanced passenger experiences
  • Operational benefits and efficiencies
  • Advanced safety and security
Through innovative business models and monetisation utilising enriched data

Maxima Telecom, Speaker TBA

10.30-10.45 Networking

10.45 High-Speed Wireless Trackside Enabling Mission-Critical and Passenger Applications on Railways, Metros and LRT

Umberto Malesci, Fluidmesh

11.15 Reduction in WiFi is Good!
  • The reason for joining separate WiFi networks into one WiFi network:
  • Customer centricity, and more customer centricity…
Dominik Schröder, Konzernprogramm WiFi, Deutsche Bahn Regio

11.45 The Future of Trackside Networks

  • Leveraging a multitude of technologies to provide Gigabits to the train
  • Different technologies providing broadband connectivity to the train
  • Case studies

Nir Hayzler, RADWIN

12.15 Panel Session: What New Revenues Can be Generated by Having Fast / Reliable On-Train WiFi?

Featuring: Peter Kingsland (Icomera), Umberto Malesci (Fluidmesh), Oleg Kopitsyn, Maxima Telecom, Nir Hayzler (RADWIN) Chaired by Graham Wilde, BWCS

Chaired by Graham Wilde, BWCS

12.45 Networking

2.00 High Speed Fault Tolerant Ethernet On-Train networks – On-Board Internet Access and Passenger Information Systems on Italian Trains
  • A solution for deployment on Trenitalia's fleet

Giulio Ferri, Trenitalia

2.30 Network-wide Connected Wi-Fi Passenger Journey - Making the Vision a Reality

Chris Bruce, MD GlobalReach

3.00 Panel Session: Can Revenue Increases Alone Justify Investment in On-Train WiFi?

Featuring: Simon Vaughan, GlobalReach, Giulio Ferri, Trenitalia, Jim Allison, CCJPA, Dominik Schröder, Konzernprogramm WiFi, Deutsche Bahn Regio

Chaired by Graham Wilde, BWCS

3.30 Closing Remarks and End of Conference


* to be confirmed

(Programme publication date: 14/10/20)