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Mexican Capital Delivers Shot in the Arm to Passenger WiFi

Thursday 25 Jan 2024

The Mexico City Government has given a major boost to WiFi on its local public transport network. Marty Batres, the head of the city administration, has announced plans to add public access hotspots on 775 trolleybuses, light rail units and in major urban transport hubs.

In particular, 31 CETRAM - modal transfer centres where passengers swarm from the Metro onto buses, trolleybuses and light rail services - will be upgraded with new WiFi connections. The council pointed out that there are already 197 access points in these cross-over terminals. A further 5 CETRAMs will be targeted for free WiFi by the end of this year.

The new antennas will be distributed as follows:

381 trolleybus stations (including stations located at high altitude)

5 light rail stations

387 trolleybus units

11 light rail units

According to the City Government, this will mean that a further 340,000 urban commuters will now have access to WiFi on their way to and from work every day.

Mexico City has been one of the leading municipalities in the world when it comes to providing WiFi for its citizens. Since 2018, the council’s “Internet for All” programme has created a network of 33,516 free WiFi hotspots across the city. The system was set up in conjunction with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and uses existing unused bandwidth on municipal security cameras.

Meanwhile, US telco AT&T is working to expand WiFi coverage along the 12 lines of the Mexico City Metro. In total, the deployment of AT&T’s network in Lines 1, 2, 3 and 7 will benefit more than 2.6 million people daily. Eventually, the operator will deploy an LTE network covering all twelve Mexico City Metro lines offering free WiFi in almost all of them.

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