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Amtrak Issues Two RFIs for Brand New 450 Mile Trackside Wireless Network

Friday 3 May 2024

US train operator Amtrak has issued two Request for Informations (RFIs) aimed at supporting the delivery of high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity along 450 miles of track between Washington, DC and Boston. The move is part of the company’s ambitious plans to advance passenger digital experience in what it refers to as a new era of rail.

Amtrak says it is keen to hear from all parties interested in progressing high-speed connectivity along its North-East Corridor (NEC), with the aim of building a wireless network from the ground up.

The newly announced RFIs include requests for:

Companies interested in deploying a fibre network along the NEC to support long-term digitalisation

Metrics for understanding the market demand for fibre along six different sub-sections of the 450-mile NEC route.

Amtrak says that these RFIs will help enable it decide on partners to work with to design, deploy and operate a fibre-optic and a wireless network that will improve on-board passenger WiFi connectivity as well as other wireless-enabled services.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) will follow the RFIs and these will cover the design and build of a brand new high-capacity fibre-optic cable alongside the tracks. The operator says it will use what it learns from the RFIs, to help it consider its options to roll out the network on other sections of its sprawling US train network.

All parties keen to participate in the initial round of RFIs have been asked to complete a short questionnaire on how they would deal with the deployment of a potential fibre network along the Northeast Corridor.

The questionnaire can be found here -,short%20questionnaire,-on%20a%20potential

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